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Fun Photos of some SkyHi Basenjis.

Typical tallyho at coursing meet.

Laurie and Skyler out coursing the plastic bunny.

James at the window.

James enjoying the view.

Jupiter likes children.

Jupiter loves our young neighbor!

Gabby and friend Bo the cat.

Gabby and best buddy Bo.

Gabby enjoy a view in the woods.

Gabby enjoying view.

Tim and his camping basenjis.

Tim and his camping gang.

Meghann with basenji babies.

Meghann with Elliot and Sophia.

Meeting on a narrow path.

Winter fun 2006.

Dodger's tuckered out at the show.

The gang watching the world go by.

Ruka with her children.

Calvin visits Santa's village.

Mandy and Desi in their dog beds.

Mandy and Desi relax in comfort.

Shasta teaches new pup to look out window.

Shasta at home teaching puppies...

Shasta goes for a walk in  the park.

and Shasta visiting the park.

Dodger and Ranger in the cuddle bed.

One bed is better with two.

Shasta as a puppy.

Baby Shasta

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